Image Plate Swatches

These albums are all fairly picture heavy.

Image Plates 1-7 [coming soon]
Image Plates 15-21

I think the Bundle Monster Image Plates are awesome. I do think the full nail images should be a larger. I often find that they never cover my thumb or middle finger properly. I always have to re-layer it. I don’t own any ‘special polishes’. I just use what I have and typically I never have a problem, except for a few images that never seem to work no matter what polish I use. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the special polish or maybe it’s because the image itself isn’t properly engraved, but there are a few I’ve yet to be able to stamp… including the fishbone which I love! Overall I’m happy with the plates. They’re so cheap and there are so many awesome ones that do work so I’m not bothered by the few that don’t.