Brush Styles

I don't know if anyone has a particular preference with brushes, but I do. There's not a great variation between brushes that come with their bottles, but a medium length flattened brush just seems to make my life so much easier. I figured I'd post a few select styles and show you what brands give you what brush. I don’t know what the appropriate names may be of these brush styles. I just know what they look like and that’s in turn what I call them.

Flat Tipped (Pro Brush)
Looking at the brush straight on there is clearly a non-circular shape and more of an oval shape. They tapper off on the tip and has smooth thin edge. I love these brushes, because if they’re wide enough, but too wide, you can get a really good sweep of the nail in one stroke. This is probably my favorite. I wish more polishes used these brushes. (Found in Sally Hansen: X-treme Wear; Insta-Dry, Complete Salon Manicure.)
Simply a circular brush. The more bristles the more coverage you’ll get in one sweep. The picture may not show the best comparison, but O.P.I is fuller than Revlon, but they each have more bristles on average than compared to New York Color or Essie. (Found in Essie, O.P.I., Wet’n’ Wild, N.Y.C. New York Color, Revlon, Sinful Colors, Maybelline Express Finish.)

Dual Curve Tip
So far I’ve only seen thin on one brand use this dual head and that’s Borghese. All there brushes have a double barrel brush tip. It’s pretty much two small sets of rounded brushes attached to one stick. It offers a lot of coverage. The only downside is that you have to make sure you clean off enough excess polish before going to the nail, because their brushes hold a lot of product. You can’t see the dual tip in my photo so I added a photo of the clear polish from the Borghese website
*More to come as I see them*
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