Glitters Over Black

Glitters Over Black
Thumb: L'Oreal Bijou Crystals in "B. Rebellious"
Pointer: Wet n Wild in "Glitz"
Middle: Milani Jewel FX in "Gold"
Ring: Jordana in "Unknown"
Pinky: Blue Cross Beauty Snowman (Red/Green)
Black: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Black Out"


Revlon in "Plum Night"

Revlon in "Plum Night"
(Three coats. No top coat. No base coat.)
This is a straight up blackened plum-deep purple. It’s a crème, but it has a bit of a jelly finish to it depending on the amount of layers you stack. This is the definition of blackened polishes. It’s so dark that it really looks black in certain lights. Much darker than it appeared in the bottle. I saw a few bubbles by the second coat, but I’m not supried. Between Revlons water formulas and loose brushes I don’t have very high expectaitons. Damn Revlon for having great colors without a formula of equal quality!



Milani's One Coat Glitter in "Silver Dazzle" with an accent of Milani's 3D Holographic in "HD" topped with rhinestones. This is not as hard as it looks or as I thought it would be. Next mission: Full Rhinestone Manicure!!