Double Bubble French

So these are my Double Bubble craft scissors. I love these little things and they make for very cute funky french. I have a box of twelve so there will be more upcoming. The next post will be a showcase the set. Anyways, so I used Essie in "Jamaica Me Crazy" as my base color. It's a bright deep  Magenta with a pack load of lighter magenta shimmers. It dried with a little bit of a satin finish. Top coat is definitely a must. Then I used blue masking tape for the tips. I found that the scissors don't cut through regular scotch tape very well. They either get caught or don't cut through. The tips are Wet n Wild in "Ebony Hates Chris", which is an opaque quick dry. Quick dry is always a win for me.

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  1. Cute! I have used my pinking shears before to cute tape!