Complete Salon Manicure in "Gilty Pleasure"

I am a white woman with gold undertones and I typically can't wear yellow or gold to save my life, but every time I saw this in the store I always wanted to try it, but refused. I saw it one sale the other day and I knew I had to buy it since I had been wanting it since the line came out. Well, I'm glads I did. It's obviously gold, but it's a very true gold without the POW yellow in your face effect. It's streaky, but the way you except the average foil to be. So no surprise there. It has a very smooth aapplication though. Very very pleased in giving in to the urge and buying this color.

And no... my nails did not magically grow. I got acrylic extensions. I'm tired of having short peely nails and not being able to fit my nice nail designs on my own nails! I've tried several cuticle oils, calcium builders, fortifying top coats, excerta excetra! So at the end of the day I got my nail extentions and I'm very excited to do some nail designs on nails that are a length deserving to be designed upon. I know they're "bad" for you, but if you take care of your nails and don't pop them off and take care of your cuticles and remove them properly then acryli extentions really shouldn't do that much damage. I've done tehm in the past and only had damage to the nails that I bit or pryed off. So wish me luck<3

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