Salon Effects in "Wicked Bamboo"

This is Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Wicked Bamboo. I really didn't care for this look too much when it was in the box, but I figured hey let's try it. At first I was like eh... not liking it. It reminded me more of floorboards and wallpaper than bamboo. Then it began to wear on me and I actually have to say I like this look. It’s very subtle and neutral looking because it does have the nude-ish tone to it, but since it’s bicolored it keeps it from being too plain. This isn’t a jazzy look at all, but it’s a nice played down subtle design. One girl at work told me that she loved it and that it reminded her of caramel. I got a few compliments and people wanting to know what it was. This was definitely one of those things that look much better on the nail than in the box. I didn’t do the best job at applying these this time because I rushed it, boo me. However, since winter is setting in and I’m in work boots most of the week, I don’t see a reason to keep my toes updated with my nail polish color. So… I managed to save one of the foil packages. Now I get a second round out of the one box! The joy of short nails.

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