Wet N Wild Summer Pail 2011

The Wet N Wild Summer Pail 2011 includes:Price: $9.99 (a $30 value)
1. Cute metal Summer themed pail
2. 7 Fast Dry Nail Colors:
Everybody Loves Redmond
The Wonder Yellows [Swatch]
Sage in the City
Teal or No Teal [Swatch]
Saved By the Blue [Swatch]
How I Met Your Magenta1 Nail Art Kit
3. Nail Art Set:
1 white nail art polish
24 stencil stickers
4. 1 Jumbo Nail File
5. 2 Toe Seperaters
This kit is an AMAZING deal! The polishes alone are worth $14.00 ($1.99 apiece) so even if you don’t care about the excess stuff do it for the polishes... and the adorable summer pail! Being that CVS is also an amazing store to its customers and has one of the best customer loyalty rewards programs I used a $4.00 off coupon I received from one of my previous purchases and I paid about $6 after taxes! I'll be posting up swatches of the polishes as I use them. When I do I'll tag them in this post incase if anyone reads this after the fact.

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  1. I saw this and was soooo tempted to get it - but I already have more nail polish than I can use in many years...