Wet n Wild Fastdry in "Teal Or No Teal"

(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
“Teal or No Teal” is a gorgeous shimmery Turqouise Blue (Teal... no so much) I got from the Wet n Wild Summer Nail Pail 2011 collection. This more blue to me and it doesn’t seem to be as sheer as many of the other reviews I’ve read so far. I saw some brush strokes, but mostly this was covered in bumps from air bubbles and grainy shimmer particles. The final finish to this polish really ruined it for me. I wanted to love it, but those bubbles… whoa. Click the photo for an enlargement to see it up close.


  1. Oops, I'm sorry! Disregard that, I see it now, my browser was just slow at loading the photo. That's a great color on you, in spite of the bubbbles.