Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Girl Flower"

So I just got home from Miami Beach today and it was amazing. I did get sunburned though so now, even when I'm naked, it looks like my red butt is still wearing a white swim suit. So ridiculous. Anyway, I've done these nail strips once before over acrylic nails and I loved how they looked and how they didn't chip so I decided to do this for my vacation. I got minor tip wear and two chips after being in a pool and in the ocean for four days straight. Not bad I say! I do love how these strips look and they're easy enough to apply. I just really dislike that the color looks faded or sun worn. I wish it was much more solid color. Also I think $10 is a bit steep in my opinion. As a side note, this is a photo of the unseen right hand. The nail on my middle finger on my left hand broke down so far it hurt like hell for several days.

This photo [below] was taken Monday June 6th, eight days after their application. As you can see there is grow out, tip wear and some chips on the tip ends, but over all I’m impressed with how well they lasted. You have to keep in mind I was on vacation during this manicure. I was at the beach and pool for four days straight and was in the water for about two hours of each of those days. So given all the wear and tear and water absorbing my nails did I have to say I was impress that they lasted as well as they did through all that. Very impressed Sally Hansen!

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