OPI in "Suzi Says Feng Shui"

OPI in "Suzi Says Feng Shui
(Two coats. No top coat. No base coat.)
"Suzi Says Feng Shui" is part of OPI's Spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection. When I saw it on the racks at a local beauty shop one day, I fell in love instantly. I am not a fan of blue at all, but something about this color made me drool. This is such a beautiful color. I think I've worn it five times already in the first couple of months I owned it. This is somewhere between a Cobalt and a True Blue color. The finish is a solid dusty crème. It's not streaky, I just rushed this. I did see a few bubbles though, but not enough to hurt the magic of this color. Favorite! Sorry for the darkness in the picture. There was no sun anywhere to be found.

Possible Dupes:
-Zoya "Breezi" [Comparision swatched by Candy Coated Tips here]


  1. This is such a gorgeous blue! I hear one of the summer Zoya's is a close match, and I hope it is because otherwise I'll have to hunt this one down as well.

  2. So I looked up to see what polish you were talking about... Zoya "Breezi. It's a definte dupe. i'm adding it to my post right now. Thank you so much for bringing that up.