New York Color Quick Dry in "East Village"

New York Color Quick Dry in "East Village"
(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
 This is a very pretty Teal micro-shimmer. It is very sheer, but not as bad as I’ve seen some people review. I only did two coats and it looked fine in person. In photos I noticed some balding in a few places behind ridges on my nails that would have been hidden with a third coat. Five coats it’s just asking for an ugly manicure… don’t do it! This color is incredibly similar to Wet n Wild “Teal or No teal” judging from the bottles. I’m going to have to do a swatch comparison. If it is than that’s awesome because… well you can just read my review of “Teal or No Teal” if you really wanna see the destruction.

Possible Dupes:
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Marine Scene"
-Wet n Wild Fastdry "Teal Or No Teal"

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  1. I see what you mean about the 'balding' - the good thing with metallics is that you don't need to be as precise with the painting!