L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic?)

L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic)
(Two Coats. No Base Coat. No Top Coat)
I put a ?? in the title because the bottle only had this number on the bottom of it. No name anywhere I saw. I think this is their color “Atomic”, but I’m not positive so I didn’t want to false advertise. Anyway, this is a very Greenish Teal, but the light was such a jerk that it came out much more blue than it really is. This is definitely a shimmer, but it’s so subtle that it really looks like a crème. The photo brings out the shimmer more than you would see in person. This was so opaque that if you do it thickish coat it can definitely be a one coater. Great application, great finish. No complaints from me. I really do like this color a lot, unfortunately it’s not mine. I have a habit of swatch my friend’s nail polishes when I get the chance.

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