Display Updates

I always appreciate a cool display that showcases everything and draws you in to look. I was in CVS the other day and had my camera in hand so I snapped a few shots of the current displays. I've seen better, but I think 'll make this an ongoing effort.
So they just changed this all around to include their Salon Effects and seeing as how their is the impenind relese of their Crackle Overcoat. They'll have to redo this all again although I don't see any room anymore.

I think this is adorable. I'm debating on whether I should buy this or not! I think I will.


  1. Has anyone tried the Sally Hansen Insta Dry?
    I recently saw a display that featured the color "Blue Away,"
    which I really want to try, but don't know how the formula is going to be.

  2. I have one which is a lime green. From what I remember it was a bit streaky after a few manicures with it. Good coverage with one coat and it dried quick. That's what I remember. I haven't swatched it on here yet, but I'll make sure I do it soon, if not next, so you can see it.