Bundle Monster Plates 15-21

I've been stamping all of my plates in sets. So today I completed sets 15-21. I have pages dedicated to these stamps, but I figured as I complete sections I'll post them here. So you cna always see the rest on my pages in the top naviagtion bar (or click here). I know some of these aren't fancy or perfect, but it's just to show you the design itself. As I do better stamps for my own manicues, I'll replace the indiviudal thumbnails.

I think the Bundle Monster Image Plates are awesome. I do think the full nail images should be a larger. I often find that they never cover my thumb or middle finger properly. I always have to re-layer it. I don’t own any ‘special polishes’. I just use what I have and typically I never have a problem, except for a few images that never seem to work no matter what polish I use. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the special polish or maybe it’s because the image itself isn’t properly engraved, but there are a few I’ve yet been able to stamp properly. Overall I’m happy with the plates. They’re so cheap and there are so many awesome ones that do work so I’m not bothered by the few that don’t.







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