Birthday Diva Nails

So today is my birthday and my wonderful boyfriend is taking me out to a Martini Bar to get classy trashed, lol. Then, the festivities will go on into the weekend. I figure since I have a few days in a row to be dressed up for I need to bust out my Diva Nails! Love them. They look more awesome in person because it's much less detailed than how you see in the photo. In the photo you see all the rhinestones individually, but in person they kind of merge together a bit more so it looks awesome.

So I prepped my nails as I normally would, but I used a brush on glue on the tips of my fingers. My nails are thin and peel so the glue helps them from peeling. Once they peel, paint chips and rhinestones go flying off. I used Nails Alive Stick Base Coat. Then I applied Sally Hansen Nail Prisim in "Diamond" as my base color. I did one coat and let it dry. Then I did a second coat one at a time. I would paint one finger with a thick second coat and then I would coat it in rhinestones. Then I would move on to my next nail. I'm a righty so I have a harder time with my left. So I did left pink, right pink and went back and forth between fingers that way. The switching around kept my left hand from getting strained which would have happened if I would have done all my right hand fingers in a row. So I hope you guys like it.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Love the blingy mani!

  2. I about sprayed soda out my nose at the classy trashed part, lol. I hope your b-day was wonderful!

  3. lmao Now you know if you ever get martini drunk... you classy trashed (=