Pink and Black Shredded Mani

I finally feel like my nails are equally long enough and squared off to do French manicures, which I know some people find boring, but I love them. I was thinking about doing a funk french manicure and then remembered Chloe's Shredded Mani and knew what I was doing. I should have taken photos of the tape process, but it's a bit hard to document dolo. Anyway. This is ONE coat of New York Color in "Greenwich Village" and one coat of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in "Black Out". Based by Nails Alive Sticky Base Coat and topped with a coat of good old Seche Vite. I took this photo a different day then the manicure was done. Thunderstorms gave me dark lighting for awhile there.


Scales Sampler

Is that what this design is called... Scales? I think so, but I'm not sure. I searched "scales" and this is not what came up. Maybe I made up the name? Comment if you know. Otherwise this is just a sampler of some of the color combinations you can do.


Black Tiger Stripes Sampler

This is a color sampler for Black Tiger Stripes. I love the pointer finger combination. What other color combinations do you guys like for Tiger Stripes?


MAC Leopard

Whoops, should have cleaned up that middle finger before the photo. I started with some Stick Base Coat and then painted my nails with three coats of MAC's Vice is "Nice". I then use Essie's "Lady Godiva" and Sinful Colors "Black On Black" to make the Leopard spots.


Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in "Flirt"

(Two Coats. No Base. No Top)
This is deep bold bloody burgundy color. It’s a slight shimmer with red particles and some brown undertones to it.  It’s pretty crème looking which is why I said it’s a slight shimmer.  It applied smooth and had a nice finish. Sorry for not cleaning this up better before taking the photo.


Wet n Wild Craze in "Shield"

(Two Coats. No Top. No Base.)
This is an awesome bronzed pewter foil/shimmer. It's a bit grainy becasue of the bronz and gold shimmer particles, but it has a smooth finish with no brush stroke lines.

Possible Dupes:
-Cover Girl "Bronze Beauty"
-Chanel "Kaleidoscope"
-Orly Foil FX "Luxe"


L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic?)

L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic)
(Two Coats. No Base Coat. No Top Coat)
I put a ?? in the title because the bottle only had this number on the bottom of it. No name anywhere I saw. I think this is their color “Atomic”, but I’m not positive so I didn’t want to false advertise. Anyway, this is a very Greenish Teal, but the light was such a jerk that it came out much more blue than it really is. This is definitely a shimmer, but it’s so subtle that it really looks like a crème. The photo brings out the shimmer more than you would see in person. This was so opaque that if you do it thickish coat it can definitely be a one coater. Great application, great finish. No complaints from me. I really do like this color a lot, unfortunately it’s not mine. I have a habit of swatch my friend’s nail polishes when I get the chance.


Birthday Diva Nails

So today is my birthday and my wonderful boyfriend is taking me out to a Martini Bar to get classy trashed, lol. Then, the festivities will go on into the weekend. I figure since I have a few days in a row to be dressed up for I need to bust out my Diva Nails! Love them. They look more awesome in person because it's much less detailed than how you see in the photo. In the photo you see all the rhinestones individually, but in person they kind of merge together a bit more so it looks awesome.

So I prepped my nails as I normally would, but I used a brush on glue on the tips of my fingers. My nails are thin and peel so the glue helps them from peeling. Once they peel, paint chips and rhinestones go flying off. I used Nails Alive Stick Base Coat. Then I applied Sally Hansen Nail Prisim in "Diamond" as my base color. I did one coat and let it dry. Then I did a second coat one at a time. I would paint one finger with a thick second coat and then I would coat it in rhinestones. Then I would move on to my next nail. I'm a righty so I have a harder time with my left. So I did left pink, right pink and went back and forth between fingers that way. The switching around kept my left hand from getting strained which would have happened if I would have done all my right hand fingers in a row. So I hope you guys like it.


Bundle Monster Plates 15-21

I've been stamping all of my plates in sets. So today I completed sets 15-21. I have pages dedicated to these stamps, but I figured as I complete sections I'll post them here. So you cna always see the rest on my pages in the top naviagtion bar (or click here). I know some of these aren't fancy or perfect, but it's just to show you the design itself. As I do better stamps for my own manicues, I'll replace the indiviudal thumbnails.

I think the Bundle Monster Image Plates are awesome. I do think the full nail images should be a larger. I often find that they never cover my thumb or middle finger properly. I always have to re-layer it. I don’t own any ‘special polishes’. I just use what I have and typically I never have a problem, except for a few images that never seem to work no matter what polish I use. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the special polish or maybe it’s because the image itself isn’t properly engraved, but there are a few I’ve yet been able to stamp properly. Overall I’m happy with the plates. They’re so cheap and there are so many awesome ones that do work so I’m not bothered by the few that don’t.








Wet n Wild vs. New York Color

New York Color Quick Dry in "East Village" [Four Coats] [Review]
Wet n Wild Fastdry in "Teal Or No Teal" [Two Coats] [Review]

The colors are identical. WnW is more opaque on the first coat then NYC is, but you can build NYC to the same opacity and color. Same teal, same shimmer, both quick dry and both cheap. I've done reviews on each of them alone. I prefer the NYC more. Smoother application I think even though you need more coats. More coats with a quick dry isn't so bad though.


New York Color Quick Dry in "East Village"

New York Color Quick Dry in "East Village"
(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
 This is a very pretty Teal micro-shimmer. It is very sheer, but not as bad as I’ve seen some people review. I only did two coats and it looked fine in person. In photos I noticed some balding in a few places behind ridges on my nails that would have been hidden with a third coat. Five coats it’s just asking for an ugly manicure… don’t do it! This color is incredibly similar to Wet n Wild “Teal or No teal” judging from the bottles. I’m going to have to do a swatch comparison. If it is than that’s awesome because… well you can just read my review of “Teal or No Teal” if you really wanna see the destruction.

Possible Dupes:
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Marine Scene"
-Wet n Wild Fastdry "Teal Or No Teal"


New York Color Quick Dry in "Greenwich Village"

New York Color Quick Dry in "Greenwich Village"
(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
This is a fantastic Hot Pink crème. It's so bright and it has excellent coverage. I used two coats which was perfections. It’s fairly opaque with one coat, but one is never enough. The brush is awesome. Tight bristles elongated for an almost flattened rectangular shape… almost my favorite style. I adore this polish because it’s cheap, it’s hot pink, no bubbles, no stroke marks and at the end of the day I have nothing bad to say about this polish.


Wet n Wild Fastdry in "Saved By The Blue"

(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
This is a great bright royal blue opaque shimmer. This is true to blue and has no hints to any other undertones. Awesome. This is the best blue color I own. I got some bubbles/shimmer particle chunks in the coat, again! Since this is the third shimmer I’ve swatched from the Wet n Wild Summer Nail Pail 2011 collection that has had this texture trouble, I’m beginning to think this is sabotage. Either my polish bucket had the hell shaken out of it or something. I seem to be one of the only reviewers consistently complaining of such a problem. I think I’m going to have to re-swatch these at some point.


Wet n Wild Fastdry in "Teal Or No Teal"

(Two coats. No base coat. No top coat.)
“Teal or No Teal” is a gorgeous shimmery Turqouise Blue (Teal... no so much) I got from the Wet n Wild Summer Nail Pail 2011 collection. This more blue to me and it doesn’t seem to be as sheer as many of the other reviews I’ve read so far. I saw some brush strokes, but mostly this was covered in bumps from air bubbles and grainy shimmer particles. The final finish to this polish really ruined it for me. I wanted to love it, but those bubbles… whoa. Click the photo for an enlargement to see it up close.

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Commenting Trouble? NO MORE!

Okay so if anyone else out there, like me, has been having major problems trying to comment on peoples blogs read this.

"There was a problem before with commenting on blogs where, once attempting to sign in to comment, you'd be labelled as anonymous then find yourself in an endless loop of logging in, captcha, logging in, etc."

"All I had to do was uncheck the "remember me" checkbox and it worked again."

I searched for an answer and found it here [click]


Wet n Wild Fast Dry in “The Wonder Yellows”

Wet n Wild Fast Dry in “The Wonder Yellows”.(Three coats . No top coat. No base coat.)I got this from the Wet n Wild Summer Nail Pail 2011. This is a bright yellow pearly shimmer with a bit of a golden hue to it. It’s somewhere between a frost and a shimmer. I lean more towards shimmer, but it has the consistency of a frost. Visible brush strokes with an uneven texture due to thick shimmer particles and bubbles. It’s a nice color, but I’m unhappy with the texture of the polish. My skin tone also looks horrendous in yellow. I only got this because it came with the pail. Despite my trouble with yellow polishes I still disliked this formula.

ManiRage: BM15-21

Check out my Bundle Monster Swatch Page. It's imcomplete, but I'm getting there.

Follow the link for my page on bundle Monster Plates BM15-21


Wet N Wild Summer Pail 2011

The Wet N Wild Summer Pail 2011 includes:Price: $9.99 (a $30 value)
1. Cute metal Summer themed pail
2. 7 Fast Dry Nail Colors:
Everybody Loves Redmond
The Wonder Yellows [Swatch]
Sage in the City
Teal or No Teal [Swatch]
Saved By the Blue [Swatch]
How I Met Your Magenta1 Nail Art Kit
3. Nail Art Set:
1 white nail art polish
24 stencil stickers
4. 1 Jumbo Nail File
5. 2 Toe Seperaters
This kit is an AMAZING deal! The polishes alone are worth $14.00 ($1.99 apiece) so even if you don’t care about the excess stuff do it for the polishes... and the adorable summer pail! Being that CVS is also an amazing store to its customers and has one of the best customer loyalty rewards programs I used a $4.00 off coupon I received from one of my previous purchases and I paid about $6 after taxes! I'll be posting up swatches of the polishes as I use them. When I do I'll tag them in this post incase if anyone reads this after the fact.


Display Updates

I always appreciate a cool display that showcases everything and draws you in to look. I was in CVS the other day and had my camera in hand so I snapped a few shots of the current displays. I've seen better, but I think 'll make this an ongoing effort.
So they just changed this all around to include their Salon Effects and seeing as how their is the impenind relese of their Crackle Overcoat. They'll have to redo this all again although I don't see any room anymore.

I think this is adorable. I'm debating on whether I should buy this or not! I think I will.


OPI in "Suzi Says Feng Shui"

OPI in "Suzi Says Feng Shui
(Two coats. No top coat. No base coat.)
"Suzi Says Feng Shui" is part of OPI's Spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection. When I saw it on the racks at a local beauty shop one day, I fell in love instantly. I am not a fan of blue at all, but something about this color made me drool. This is such a beautiful color. I think I've worn it five times already in the first couple of months I owned it. This is somewhere between a Cobalt and a True Blue color. The finish is a solid dusty crème. It's not streaky, I just rushed this. I did see a few bubbles though, but not enough to hurt the magic of this color. Favorite! Sorry for the darkness in the picture. There was no sun anywhere to be found.

Possible Dupes:
-Zoya "Breezi" [Comparision swatched by Candy Coated Tips here]


Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Girl Flower"

So I just got home from Miami Beach today and it was amazing. I did get sunburned though so now, even when I'm naked, it looks like my red butt is still wearing a white swim suit. So ridiculous. Anyway, I've done these nail strips once before over acrylic nails and I loved how they looked and how they didn't chip so I decided to do this for my vacation. I got minor tip wear and two chips after being in a pool and in the ocean for four days straight. Not bad I say! I do love how these strips look and they're easy enough to apply. I just really dislike that the color looks faded or sun worn. I wish it was much more solid color. Also I think $10 is a bit steep in my opinion. As a side note, this is a photo of the unseen right hand. The nail on my middle finger on my left hand broke down so far it hurt like hell for several days.

This photo [below] was taken Monday June 6th, eight days after their application. As you can see there is grow out, tip wear and some chips on the tip ends, but over all I’m impressed with how well they lasted. You have to keep in mind I was on vacation during this manicure. I was at the beach and pool for four days straight and was in the water for about two hours of each of those days. So given all the wear and tear and water absorbing my nails did I have to say I was impress that they lasted as well as they did through all that. Very impressed Sally Hansen!