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My 13 year old cousin showed me how to do this so we did one another's nails while I was visiting. I always do her nails when I visit, but today she did mine! I love how they came out. Very cute. I've gotten a few compliments already. It's pretty easy too.


Double Bubble French

So these are my Double Bubble craft scissors. I love these little things and they make for very cute funky french. I have a box of twelve so there will be more upcoming. The next post will be a showcase the set. Anyways, so I used Essie in "Jamaica Me Crazy" as my base color. It's a bright deep  Magenta with a pack load of lighter magenta shimmers. It dried with a little bit of a satin finish. Top coat is definitely a must. Then I used blue masking tape for the tips. I found that the scissors don't cut through regular scotch tape very well. They either get caught or don't cut through. The tips are Wet n Wild in "Ebony Hates Chris", which is an opaque quick dry. Quick dry is always a win for me.



Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Numbskull... Yes, I know I jacked this manicure up (check the ring finger). I had a bit of excess after I filed the tips off and I decided to pull it... Mistake! It snagged and pulled, but it's not so terrible. I think these are really adorable. A lot cuter on then in the box. I'll have some more Halloween Salon Effects in the next couple of days<3


Mummy Dearest

I used the Sally Hansen pen for this. I don't know if using a thin tip brush would gave been better. I think it be smoother, but I don't think I'd be able to achieve the same curvature... Especially on myself. Have any if you tried the mummy manicure? I like it, but trying to do my own right hand was ridiculous, lol.


French Spiders

So this my first Halloween mani of many to come. Started with an orange and black tipped Funky French. Then I used Bundle Monster Plate 13 for the Spider Web and the additional spider. I took the second photo in the back of my ambulance (before my tour). I figured the Warning sticker added to my theme. I hope you guys like it and I'll be adding some more as soon as I change my mani.


Complete Salon Manicure in "Gilty Pleasure"

I am a white woman with gold undertones and I typically can't wear yellow or gold to save my life, but every time I saw this in the store I always wanted to try it, but refused. I saw it one sale the other day and I knew I had to buy it since I had been wanting it since the line came out. Well, I'm glads I did. It's obviously gold, but it's a very true gold without the POW yellow in your face effect. It's streaky, but the way you except the average foil to be. So no surprise there. It has a very smooth aapplication though. Very very pleased in giving in to the urge and buying this color.

And no... my nails did not magically grow. I got acrylic extensions. I'm tired of having short peely nails and not being able to fit my nice nail designs on my own nails! I've tried several cuticle oils, calcium builders, fortifying top coats, excerta excetra! So at the end of the day I got my nail extentions and I'm very excited to do some nail designs on nails that are a length deserving to be designed upon. I know they're "bad" for you, but if you take care of your nails and don't pop them off and take care of your cuticles and remove them properly then acryli extentions really shouldn't do that much damage. I've done tehm in the past and only had damage to the nails that I bit or pryed off. So wish me luck<3


Salon Effects in "Cut It Out"

Love these. These are an adorable desing and I'm in love with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I wish I had a better paying job and no bills so could buy them all. They last practically as long as I want them to. I have peeling nails and polish always flicks off, but with these bad boys, they stay on a for a week typically without chipping. These ones had a chip on one nail after a day or two, but I did a lot of work with my hands and I've never had that problem with the Salon Effects before. So I blame myself, not Sally. These are not my favorite ones, but they are up there. Very cute. I managed to save the second packet of these by opening one and cutting the strips in half since my nails are short enough. I suggest anyone that has short nails do the same. If you have longer nails and need two packets you should definelyty cut off some of the ecess tip edge of the strips and put them on your toes. I do that if I have to open up two packets.


HD Funky French

Simple Funky French tape mani. I used MAC for the black ( I forgot the name) and for the holo I used Milani in "HD". So starting tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I'll begin posting my halloween nail designs. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I really want to bring you guys a large variety of some great Halloween designs. I'll obviously have a nail wheel posting soon, but I would like to do as many designs as i can as full manicures. I think that's the best way to really see how a design looks, rather then as one nail on a wheel of many. I'm super excited to start posting my designs!


Borghese in "Tangelo Sherbert"

This is a very pretty light pinkish coral shimmer polish. I goes on smooth and streak free. It has a white glass flecked shimmer. It's frosty so you can see the brush strokes a little bit, but not really. It's not a frost so it's very smooth. The Borghese polishes all have big brushes and they hold a lot of product. You can see the photo of the brush on my Brushes page above. This is two coats. One coat gives almost full coverage.


L.A. Color "Craze in Circuits"

(Two Coats. No Base. No Top.)
This is a very cool color because of it's finish. It's a solid opaque black. One coat give good coverage and two is the finisher. It has a thicker consistancy and I caught a few bubbles, but the polish is about $2 so whatever. Now the finish is what I like. It's a creme, but instead of having the more "typical" finish it has a very plastic PVC finish to it which I really like.


Brucci in "Max's Punkin''"

This is  a nice slightly deep non-neon orange creme. It went on flawless with no bubbles or streaks. Great color for fall and for Halloween/Thanksgiving based nail designs. Very true to a pumpkin color.


Tape Mani Wheel

Many of these are inspired by Chloe from Chloe's Nails of course. She is the master of tape and I hope I did her justice here. The tape mani's are a lot of fun and for the most part the really don't take as much time as you think. My favorites are 6, 7, 11, 12 and 18. how about you guys any favorites? How about some good color combinations? That's always where I have trouble. I'm not very good at choosing great color combinations.


Free Hand Sampler Wheel

Just some freehand nail art designs. Some of these I've done as full manicures already. If you check through the nail art tags you'll definitely come across them. The wheel I'm currently working on finishing is a Halloween/Thanksgiving wheel. So stay tuned. If you have any questions about any techniques used or polish colors just ask in a comment and I'll let you know.  Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do. My favorites are definitely 5, 9, 16. I'll have more free hand wheels in the future.

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Salon Effects in "Wicked Bamboo"

This is Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Wicked Bamboo. I really didn't care for this look too much when it was in the box, but I figured hey let's try it. At first I was like eh... not liking it. It reminded me more of floorboards and wallpaper than bamboo. Then it began to wear on me and I actually have to say I like this look. It’s very subtle and neutral looking because it does have the nude-ish tone to it, but since it’s bicolored it keeps it from being too plain. This isn’t a jazzy look at all, but it’s a nice played down subtle design. One girl at work told me that she loved it and that it reminded her of caramel. I got a few compliments and people wanting to know what it was. This was definitely one of those things that look much better on the nail than in the box. I didn’t do the best job at applying these this time because I rushed it, boo me. However, since winter is setting in and I’m in work boots most of the week, I don’t see a reason to keep my toes updated with my nail polish color. So… I managed to save one of the foil packages. Now I get a second round out of the one box! The joy of short nails.


1st Attempt At Water Marbling

So this was my first attempt at water marbling and I did for my cousin. I always do her nails for special occasions and for her birthday she wanted water marbling. I told her I never did it before, but she let me use her as a lab rat and I have to say it came out pretty decent. There was a lot of trouble throughout the process though. Sometimes the polish drips wouldn't spread out into rings. Some of the rings were awkward and uneven. I got the hang of it after a while. She loved it so as long as she was happy that was all that mattered. I did cover the surrounding skin with tape and that was a HUGE help in the clean up. I don't see a lot of water marbling in my future, but I'll have to change that and try and get some skills.


EMS and Patchwork!

So for being neglectful everyone, but forgive me. I traveled to Florida, again, but this time with my boyfriend for vacation and then two days after I got back I started my new job... as an Emergency Medical Technician!!! My first week I did 90 hours!! Almost 40 of them were in one weekend doing stand by at a concert called "The Electric Zoo"... sheer chaos, as if the name doesn’t give that away. I’m very proud of my new career. I've wanted this for a long time and I've just been waiting for the timing to be right and I've found it.
While I may have been studying and preparing in my new career, I haven’t been completely gone lovies. I’ve been working on creating nail wheels. I have a bunch started, but the first one that’s been completed is my Patchwork Wheel. In hindsight I don’t think I needed a whole wheel of it because some of these combos I think are bleh. My favorites are definitely 1, 11, 12, 15 and 17. My least favorite is probably 4. What do you guys think? As always, click the photos for full size  views.




Pink and Black Shredded Mani

I finally feel like my nails are equally long enough and squared off to do French manicures, which I know some people find boring, but I love them. I was thinking about doing a funk french manicure and then remembered Chloe's Shredded Mani and knew what I was doing. I should have taken photos of the tape process, but it's a bit hard to document dolo. Anyway. This is ONE coat of New York Color in "Greenwich Village" and one coat of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in "Black Out". Based by Nails Alive Sticky Base Coat and topped with a coat of good old Seche Vite. I took this photo a different day then the manicure was done. Thunderstorms gave me dark lighting for awhile there.


Scales Sampler

Is that what this design is called... Scales? I think so, but I'm not sure. I searched "scales" and this is not what came up. Maybe I made up the name? Comment if you know. Otherwise this is just a sampler of some of the color combinations you can do.


Black Tiger Stripes Sampler

This is a color sampler for Black Tiger Stripes. I love the pointer finger combination. What other color combinations do you guys like for Tiger Stripes?


MAC Leopard

Whoops, should have cleaned up that middle finger before the photo. I started with some Stick Base Coat and then painted my nails with three coats of MAC's Vice is "Nice". I then use Essie's "Lady Godiva" and Sinful Colors "Black On Black" to make the Leopard spots.


Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in "Flirt"

(Two Coats. No Base. No Top)
This is deep bold bloody burgundy color. It’s a slight shimmer with red particles and some brown undertones to it.  It’s pretty crème looking which is why I said it’s a slight shimmer.  It applied smooth and had a nice finish. Sorry for not cleaning this up better before taking the photo.


Wet n Wild Craze in "Shield"

(Two Coats. No Top. No Base.)
This is an awesome bronzed pewter foil/shimmer. It's a bit grainy becasue of the bronz and gold shimmer particles, but it has a smooth finish with no brush stroke lines.

Possible Dupes:
-Cover Girl "Bronze Beauty"
-Chanel "Kaleidoscope"
-Orly Foil FX "Luxe"


L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic?)

L.A. Colors Color Craze in "BCC580" (Atomic)
(Two Coats. No Base Coat. No Top Coat)
I put a ?? in the title because the bottle only had this number on the bottom of it. No name anywhere I saw. I think this is their color “Atomic”, but I’m not positive so I didn’t want to false advertise. Anyway, this is a very Greenish Teal, but the light was such a jerk that it came out much more blue than it really is. This is definitely a shimmer, but it’s so subtle that it really looks like a crème. The photo brings out the shimmer more than you would see in person. This was so opaque that if you do it thickish coat it can definitely be a one coater. Great application, great finish. No complaints from me. I really do like this color a lot, unfortunately it’s not mine. I have a habit of swatch my friend’s nail polishes when I get the chance.


Birthday Diva Nails

So today is my birthday and my wonderful boyfriend is taking me out to a Martini Bar to get classy trashed, lol. Then, the festivities will go on into the weekend. I figure since I have a few days in a row to be dressed up for I need to bust out my Diva Nails! Love them. They look more awesome in person because it's much less detailed than how you see in the photo. In the photo you see all the rhinestones individually, but in person they kind of merge together a bit more so it looks awesome.

So I prepped my nails as I normally would, but I used a brush on glue on the tips of my fingers. My nails are thin and peel so the glue helps them from peeling. Once they peel, paint chips and rhinestones go flying off. I used Nails Alive Stick Base Coat. Then I applied Sally Hansen Nail Prisim in "Diamond" as my base color. I did one coat and let it dry. Then I did a second coat one at a time. I would paint one finger with a thick second coat and then I would coat it in rhinestones. Then I would move on to my next nail. I'm a righty so I have a harder time with my left. So I did left pink, right pink and went back and forth between fingers that way. The switching around kept my left hand from getting strained which would have happened if I would have done all my right hand fingers in a row. So I hope you guys like it.