Revlon Scents of Summer Enamel in “Gum Drop”

Revlon Scents of Summer Enamel in “Gum Drop”
(Four coats. No top coat. No base coat.)
This is from the 2010 Revlon Scents of Summer Collection. This is a really pretty lavender color that comes from a purple/light blue combination. Its downfall is how sheer it is. It took FOUR coats for it to come out with a solid coat. Even after that many coats there’s still a bit of balding on my pointer finger. The smell is faint once it dries. It’s not as strong as “Peach Smoothie”. It has more of a Jolly Rancher/Starburst scent to me. It still smells yummy though. The consistency is a bit watery. I would pass this lavender up for an Essie one. It’s just too sheer meaning too much work for me.

Possible Dupes:
-OPI "Rumples Wiggin" [Comparison by The Nailphile here]

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