Glue On Nails Removal

So after six days of my beautiful Mirror Nails, it’s time to remove them and reunite with my natural nail. I’m already anticipating their damage. I never wear these store bought full coverage glue on nails so I purchased Kiss Artificial Nail Remover to help. It seems better then ripping them off which is where my temptation lies. So here is what they look like now. You can see some damage on the pointer and middle finger mostly on my right hand. On my left the pointer fell off recently and I just kept it off. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a layer of nasty glue guck stuck on to it. The staining is from a previous nail polish accident where I didn’t use a much needed base coat.

So this is what the inside of the Kiss product looks like. Slot for one finger and a slot for all fingers. I stuck pointer to pinky in the big slot and my thumb in the single for a faster soak.

It says soak for two minutes and then twist against those spikey brushes along the inside wall. It basically started melting off the fake nail which you can see here where my natural tips are beginning to show.

I ended up soaking for about three minutes and then twisting and checking. I checked to see if the nails lifted a bit and then I would stick a toothpick to help ease it up. If it popped off hurray, if it didn’t I eased it up as much as I could and then started twisting it inside the solution again and repeated the lifting. I think if I would have only twisted it and let it melt off it would have taken forever. It took about one episode of “Married… with Children” for me to get all the nails off (almost 30 mins). I think it was worth the five bucks rather than ripping them off.

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