Broadway Fashion Diva Nail Art in “BGFD02” (Mirrors!)

Broadway Fashion Diva Nail Art in “BGFD02”
Not a fan of glue on nails because they always seem to fall off and damage your nails, but I had to get these. I’ve been obsessed with the mirror nail look ever since that whole trend blew up. No nail polish even comes close to this. The only option to get this look if you don’t want the glue on nails is MINX. I cut and filed these down to about my natural length. These nails are thick, as expected, and they have a bit of a curve in them to follow the natural nail line.  I love how this looks, but I’ll be happy to return to my natural nails when these come off.

I put these on yesterday and I’ve already had about three girls ask me about them which lead into a whole conversation and several other people who complimented them. On the downside I’ve also had four of them that had to be re-glued on after they fell off. I have a strong urge to go to the salon and try out the Minx manicure.


  1. Those are freakin' sweeeeet! I have those too but I haven't worn them... these Broadway ones do look better an more naturally curved, can't wait to try mine on!

  2. I'm looking forward to your review of them... that and those textured ones you’ve yet to wear look amazing too!

  3. they are really nice i want some where do i buy them ?

  4. Any drugstore should have them. I bought mine at CVS I think.